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Our Story: From Your Hand to a Dream

Remember your first concert. Now imagine giving a child that feeling for the first time.


At Kids Up Front we believe all children deserve to experience the magic of the theatre or the excitement of a hockey game. It is our business to make sure children and their families affected by poverty, abuse, illness as well as newcomers to Toronto gain exposure to our community through the distribution of tickets. Our program, with your support, means:

  • Children benefit from developing a sense of belonging; feeling included; gaining
    exposure to “normal” childhood experiences
  • Parents benefit from feeling valued; having the means to give their child a special
    experience; re-connecting with their child in apositive way
  • Families benefit from sharing constructive leisure activities; encouraging positive social interaction between parents, children and siblings; healing and strengthening relationships
  • Communities benefit from having engaged citizens; strengthening of community values; inspiring future leaders


We have reached more than 370,000 people made up of children and families in need in almost 10 years but the demand for our unique service continues to grow. Your support will help us to alleviate challenges for more families and thereby improve the welfare of more children in our community.


Help us give kids the place they deserve … Right Up Front!