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We turn tickets into smiles. Really, really big ones.

When you donate your tickets to Kids Up Front, we pass them on to kids who might never get the chance to see their sports heroes live, go to a concert or spend the day learning and laughing!


With your help, we’re able to share these true East Coast experiences with children who usually sit on the sidelines. Yes, they get a day they’ll remember forever. But they also get to experience the feeling of being part of something bigger – part of the amazing region we call home.

Ready to donate?

Great! It’s easy. All you have to do is let us know what tickets you have, their value and who’s donating them, and we’ll put them into the hands of kids who will benefit from the experience.


We accept tickets up to 2 p.m. the day of an event, but if you can give us advance notice, even better. The extra lead time means we’re better able to select a recipient and coordinate logistics on the child’s behalf. For large blocks of tickets – more than 50 – we ask for five days notice so we can make sure they get put to the best use.

Donating is easy.

Call  902-401-3207